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What makes a good conference?

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At previous Drupal events we’ve all come out of a talk inspired ready to make a change in the way we work or how we approach a problem. So what is the magic sauce that makes a good conference? We would like your feedback on previous events - what did you enjoy, a speaker you think the NZ community would benefit from hearing from or what has been lacking at previous events. 

We’d like your enthusiasm and involvement to help the team pulling together this event to ensure the DrupalSouth that comes to Auckland is one to remember.

What do you think about the theme we have discussed here. What does “Drupal delivers” mean to you?
I'm most interested in speakers covering the following topics:
What or who have you seen online or at a previous event that you think the Auckland audience would also enjoy?
We are keen to try some hands-on sessions, with tables classroom style. Is there a Drupal module demo or development technique you would really like to see covered in this way?
Is there something you are keen to learn more about that is often missing or overlooked when conference schedules are put together? 
Do you have any feedback or thoughts on how we can be more inclusive and increase the diversity of topics and voices at this event?
Are you interested in volunteering to help organise or run the event on the day?
Please provide your name and email address and we'll be in touch well before November. Maybe as early as October...
Conference t-shirts
Is it important to you that conference t-shirts be available?