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Themes and talks

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Great sessions make a great conference, and we’re after the best talks, showcases and hands-on demos we can get for DrupalSouth. The Call for Speakers is now open, and we’ll be getting back in touch one-on-one with all those people who have registered an interest in presenting over the next few weeks.

The initial feedback we've received from you all is that setting some conference themes will help people shape their thoughts and join in with talk ideas. We hear you, great feedback!

But this was a tricky one : ) one of the things we all wanted to talk about was the sheer variety of applications and ideas that Drupal now covers - not to mention talk of applications and ideas from outside the Drupal community.

But one thing we could all agree on was that Drupal has been an incredibly effective toolset for us. So the proposition for our DrupalSouth theme is: “Drupal Delivers...”

And the initial planning for tracks has given us the following topics we’re grouping around:

  • UX and design
  • Development (Frontend, Backend and Ops)
  • Business (solutions for owners and operators)
  • The future! 

Tell us what you think, and tell us the sort of things you want to hear about… and most importantly what you want to talk about! What has Drupal delivered for you, for your clients, for your professional career? How do you deliver Drupal, or deliver your products and services? Or has the experience of the Drupal community delivered you something else… joy, frustration, setbacks, success?

Get amongst it, we’ll be looking to host discussions in our local Meetups, on the twitters, in the comments below, email - whatever/wherever we can. Hopefully you find a little inspiration in the theme and discussion, but if you’re stuck, or disagree, or have better ideas we’re open to input! 

If you *are* inspired and have something special in mind - a multi-screen projection, interpretive dance, musical number with a full orchestra - let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Our resources aren’t infinite but the team at Q Theatre are experts at inventive staging and we’re keen to shape an experience for everyone that makes the most of their time at DrupalSouth.

One idea that has been popular is using the Loft space for some hands-on sessions. This means we set up with tables classroom style, so no more balancing laptops in your, er, lap to take notes and work along with speakers. It’ll be screens open and join in with our speakers as they demo, train or showcase a new technology. Already we’ve got some great people keen to lead that kind of session.

Who else is keen!  :D


The Call for Speakers closes August 31st.