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Code Sprint - will you join us?

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Are you planning on joining us at the Code Sprint? The sponsors, Previous Next, have just put up a blog post about this which is worth checking out. It is always super worthwhile to be prepared and make the most of the time on the day - and it makes a better sprint experience for everyone. Kim Pepper's post makes this really easy to do!

First question - who's interested in working on what?

The locals are keen on Rules and Feeds, but you may have your own ideas ; )

There's a list of issues building for the day , but there aren't any Rules tasks there yet because no one has put their hand up as a "Rules Hustler in Chief" to network with the Rules maintainers and line up useful work. Any takers? 

Feeds is a mammoth task, but the maintainer is chopping it up into smaller parts here. Please dive in before the day and add your opinions about how to proceed, especially what bits of core might be reusable or re-purposed.

See you all there!


Tom (