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Code Sprint Wednesday 15 November - come on down!

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We’ve had a lot of questions over the last few weeks about the Code Sprint. Now, we have some answers!

Thanks to the awesome support from Code Sprint sponsor Previous Next - one of the first to come aboard this year and absolute legends for their efforts behind the scenes - we have been able to secure the epic Loft space at Q Theatre for our sprint area.

We think being able to have everyone in one place, at the venue, the day before the conference is ideal. We’ll be set up, ready to go on Wednesday morning - there will be a good amount of space so everyone can find a spot to sit down and work in. With desks seating a maximum of 80-90 sprinters it’s also been suggested it’ll be a difficult space to fill,  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  but what can you say except - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

We’d initially proposed the Saturday for sprinting, primarily for some logistical reasons around sorting a venue and feedback on when people would find it easier to get time to attend. However thanks to some prodding and helpful input (thanks dman) we made the decision to try and make Wednesday work for everyone, so that initiatives from the Sprint could be followed through the conference days while everyone is around.

The wonderful people at Q were able to make that happen with us, so game on!


Just to be clear: CODE SPRINT is WED 15 NOV at Q Theatre.

Come along I’ll buy you a coffee  : )


Based on local discussions and a good push from the Wellington Drupal Meetup we’re trying to line up some issues and initiatives. Drupal 8 Feeds is in our sights, and we’d love to get some action around Rules as well. Thanks for championing that Tom and the team at Xequals.


REMEMBER: Sprints aren’t just for devs. Along with great code, documentation, testing, UX and UI it is above all else real input into use cases that make a great!


Expect some more info over the upcoming weeks, especially around issues and organising ourselves to get the most out of the experience. But right now we’d love to hear from you if you’re coming for the Sprint and/or want to know more.

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