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You can buy single tickets or get the whole team along with multiple tickets on one order via Lil Regie - with payment options of secure credit card payment or by invoice. 

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Or Friday Business Track gives you access to the main room sessions only through to closing keynote, for just $250.

You might have a client that’s a site owner, operator or embarking on digital transformation big or small that could benefit from a day of Drupal.

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Front-end development is constantly evolving, it’s hard to keep up. In Laura’s talk Theming Drupal in 2017: A New Hope you will hear about some of the emerging technology and web design trends, from flexbox & css grids, to interactive SVG maps and theming without Bootstrap. She’ll discuss browser support for these new tools and how to implement them in your Drupal sites while keeping your front-end scalable & maintainable.

Laura Munro is a designer turned developer, and has been writing CSS since ages ago. A design & code minimalist, Laura loves making teeny tiny websites that do big things. She is also a giant nerd, particularly about Star Trek (not the new one), and is the organiser of the Wellington CSS Meetup.



Join us for a panel discussion around configuration management in Drupal 8. We will aim to look into what was promised with regards to config in Drupal 8, what was delivered in core, and what the current best practises are.

Rather than the usual slideshow-driven talks, we’d like to have a more interactive discussion with real-world examples of what site builders are doing when it comes to configuration management.

You will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions or you can participate by telling us what you have been doing. You can also just come along for some therapeutic venting if you need it.

Ben has been working with Drupal for over six years, and was one of the first developers to join the Catalyst Auckland office almost four years ago. Dieuwe joined the Sparks Interactive Auckland team as a backend developer five years ago. He is a second generation Drupal developer who has been on since he was sixteen and has contributed a number of Drupal modules and patches. 

So they can both impress you with their knowledge & experience and make you feel old with their youth & enthusiasm.



You're a Drupal admin and know how to login to a website to check for any available core or module updates. What about the scenario where your team manage a dozen internal and external sites with different installed modules? When a new critical security vulnerability is announced on the Drupal Security list, how can you quickly determine which sites need patching? This talk introduces how to monitor and update the version of Drupal and installed modules across many websites.

Gavin has worked in Internet security for over 20 years covering development, administration and penetration testing. He is the Security Manager at Catalyst IT here in New Zealand and has oversight of its many web sites and customer systems. 



Drupal 7 has been around for a long time. As a sitebuilder, it is the best CMS around for building complex website solutions with minimal need to write custom code. So how does Drupal 8 compare? There are some phenomenal improvements in D8, but is Drupal 8 now for developers only? This talk will look at how site builders can transition to D8 without having to take a step back in terms of capability and flexibility.

David runs the company Millionleaves, he has over 20 years of business experience in technology businesses in New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Ireland. He returned from London after 15 years away, and has spent the past 6 years helping New Zealand businesses develop ecommerce and marketing websites, coupled with website strategies that get results. 

Auckland Town Hall