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Speaker Information

The conference is fast approaching, we hope you are having success finalising the details of your session. Here is a some must know information for speakers. Please also ensure you read the All attendees email that follows this speaker one.

Q Theatre WiFi credentials

Username: DrupalSouth

Password: DSAuckland17

Your session

Your session is up on the website - by now there should be all of the session info - title, abstract, bio, picture and meta data. Please review this and the session time and let us know if there are any inaccuracies as attendees will be using this information to decide which session to head to next.

It has been suggested that company logos are added to the session page as a thank you to all those bosses seeing the benefit in you presenting. Please provide a copy of your company's logo so we can add this to your session page.

At DrupalSouth 2017 we have a huge number of speakers - so time is tight. Please note - your session time includes setting up, sharing your idea & taking questions. For sessions that run out of time for questions please ensure the audience knows the best way to follow up with you - such as on Twitter, at the breaks or during our social events.

Presentation equipment

Each of the three session rooms is run by a conference committee member & a Q Theatre technician. They will have the appropriate connections for your machine to swap in and get the session going quickly. The main video feed is HDMI. If you need a specific adaptor please bring it, however we will have common adaptors available.

If you have any particular requirements or special equipment needs please let us know asap. We have assumed that most speakers will want to present from their own laptop - if this is not the case for you we can assist but need advance notice and a copy of your slide deck.

Slide deck template

Between sessions we will be promoting our lovely and awesome sponsors using a DrupalSouth branded template. We invite you to also use this presentation template available here or here.

Please at least create a title slide announcing your talk using that template and include it in as the first slide in your deck.

If you use your own template please consider accessibility and colour contrast in your design for maximum impact and readability.

We’ll also be asking for a copy of your slide deck so this can be edited into the published video of your session. All three rooms are being recorded by default, and we are aiming to have high-quality videos available the week following the conference. Please note:

  • If you DO NOT want your session recorded please let us know
  • If you are happy to be recorded but would like control over the release of the final video, please let us know

If you can supply a copy of your slide deck before the day you present, that would be ideal. Please either email a copy of the slides as you present them, or a link to the online version. It would help if you can confirm what slide software you are using. For people giving on screen demos we are looking to provide a feed out to the camera, but please let us know if that is a part of your talk so we can prep in advance. 

Demographic data

There are just over 180 speakers and delegates attending this year’s DrupalSouth. At ticket registration we collected data - here is a breakdown of your audience:

78 companies represented 

50% attendees with the word Developer in their job title

Is this your first time attending DrupalSouth?
53% This is my first DrupalSouth!
35% I've attended 2-3
12% I've attended 4 or more

How would you describe your company?
65% Digital agency, design or development shop
18% Other
5% Drupal customer
5% Hosting company
4% Independent software vendor
2% Media partner/PR firm
1% Systems Integrator

Drupal Experience
4% I'm a Drupal beginner
22% I have some Drupal skills
43% I have strong Drupal expertise
17% I'm a Drupal master
4% I'm a Drupal site owner
3% I'm just exploring Drupal
7% Other

What is your role at your organisation?
7% Business (marketing/sales/consulting)
14% C Level (CEO/CTO/CMO, Director, etc.)
10% Devops
12% Front end (developer, themer, UX, designer)
32% Full stack developer
1% I don't use Drupal yet; I'm evaluating it for future use
9% Other
3% Project manager
6% Site administrator (user manager, content manager)
6% Technical Manager

A big thank you to all speakers - you make this conference and we appreciate the preparation you are putting into your session this week. We hope you are able to enjoy other sessions before your time slot and engage with inspired attendees after you present.

See you in Auckland!